Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And the Winner Is...

George Gallucci - Again. Well congratulations anyway George. George had a record breaking total of 16 points.

2007 Top Scorers:

1. George Gallucci - 16 points
2. John Cashman - 9 points
3. Keith Kaplan - 8 points
4. Chris Oakley - 6 points
5. Bryan Ellenberg - 5 points
13. David Wood - 2 frigging points

11 Contestants won the Good Karma Award with NO points.

2007 highlights included the surprise death of Anna Nicole (although three ghoulers had her on their list) and the non deaths of Ariel Sharon and Fidel Castro. My favorite die-fecta pick of the year went to John Maddox for his choice of Ariel Sharon and Sharon Stone. Brilliant.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Please Don't Squeeze The Coffin

Longtime Charmin toilet paper spokesman, Dick Wilson, died today at the Old Actor's Home (officially the Motion Picture & Television Fund Hospital) in Woodland Hills, CA. Although he appeared in many 60's and 70's era sitcoms, he was best know as Mr. Whipple, a part he played over 500 times, or about 2 and a half rolls worth. Nobody called it.

Just to catch up on all the action, or lack thereof of the last couple of months:

Norman Mailer - (Cranky Author) - 11/10 - HIT - Caryn Goldberg - 1 point

Barbara West Dainton (2nd to last Titanic survivor) - 11/11 - HIT - John Heglin - 1 point

Robert Goulet - (Your Mom's Favorite Singer) - 10/30 - MISS

Joey Bishop - (Disappointing Talk Show Host) - 10/17/07 - HIT - Lisa Jenio - 1 point

Deborah Kerr - (Fabulous Actress) - 10/16 - MISS

Alice Ghostly - (Bewitched Show Stopper) - 9/21 - HIT - John Cashman - 1 point

Ghoul Pool Standings

1. George Gallucci - 9 points

1. John Cashman - 9 points

3. Keith Kaplan - 8 points

4. Chris Oakley - 6 points

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I was so BLANKING mad I didn't have Brett Somers, I could have BLANKED

Match Game alum and the former Mrs. Jack Klugman (proving that there is indeed a trash can for every lid) passed into the night at her Connecticut home at the tender age of 83. She joins former co star Charles Nelson Reilly in game show heaven. This would have been a dandy die-fecta, but alas, no one thought of it. HOWEVER, John Cashman had the forethought to pair Jane Wyman and Lady Bird Johnson (woman married to men who were Presidents) for the second die-fecta hit of the year.

George Galluci still leads with 9 points, but the husband and wife team of Keith Kaplan and John Cashman are close behind with 8 points each.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Best of Three (Tenors) Dies at 71

I think Luciano Pavarotti was a tenor, although anything I know about opera I learned watching the Marx Brothers in “A Night At The Opera” co-starring Kitty Carlisle who is also newly dead. Could have been a great diefecta pick! Not that I have anything against George Gallucci, but alas George picked up 2 more points with Luciano and is well on his way to repeat as Ghoul Pool champion.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Ran Into Tammy Faye at the Mall

Who could ever forget that memorable but short lived t-shirt from the 90's. Or was that the 80's? Who can remember all those celebrity scandals? Luckily with the likes of Paris and Lindsay they are making new ones everyday. Five of you picked up two points for Tammy, catapulting Bryan Ellenberg and Chris Oakley into a two way tie for first place. (In retrospect, Tammy should have been one point due to her pre-existing condition, but as they say, that's death!)

Chris Oakley's pick of Homer Bedloe (aka Charles Lane) was a perfect example of picking up points off the beaten (Hooterville) track. Chris was the only one with the foresight to pick the lovable curmudgeon.

Too many of you had The Lady Bird.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Beverly Hills is Dead!

Emily, that's Beverly Sills - Not Beverly Hills. Nevermind. Well anyway, she's dead. So is Liz Claiborne. Nobody had either of them, so their deaths were both in vain.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'll Take Dead Evangilists for 100...

Congratulations to Scott Schwimer for having Larry Flynt pal Jerry Falwell – LAST year. So that’s NO points for you Scottie! Or anyone else for that matter. But give a point to Gary Tomlin for having Newhart co-star/Suzanne Pleshette hubby Tom Poston. Tom was 83 and was worth a point. Other recent passings include astronaut Wally Schirra and bandleader Tommy Newsom. Like a Gemini capsule coming in off course, they were both off of everybody’s radar.